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Drug Treatment

Realising you’re addicted

In order to go and receive drug treatment, first of all, you need to realise that you are addicted to a substance, object or type of behaviour. You may have fully realised that you are not in full control and therefore it’s causing problems to you as an individual either mentally, intellectually or physically.  These problems might involve factors such as broken relationships, your job, abnormal behaviour or even money.

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Reaching out for expert help

There are two ways in which you can help find drug treatment. These include your GP and self-referral.

Your GP provides a treatment service and will be able to point you in the right direction of help. The self-referral option allows you to contact a rehabilitation centre of your choice and start your journey of detoxification.

Getting assessed

Once you reach out to a rehab centre, before providing you with any form of drug treatment, you will need to discuss your drug use with a health professional. From this, they will let you know what treatment options are available for you and your situation. Moreover, you will receive a personal plan which will be developed around you and your end goal.

Starting rehab

If you then decide to carry on your journey, you will start your detoxification at rehab.