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Fitted Wardrobe

Buying a Fitted Wardrobe

When moving to a new house or renovating an existing room you should always consider an amazing fitted wardrobe due to the many beneficial factors it can bring as well as being a lot more aesthetically pleasing when compared to generic free standing wardrobes. Most people think that a bespoke fitted wardrobe may be too expensive or the room may be too small for a fitted wardrobe. However, this is not the case no matter what space a professionally fitted wardrobe can be incorporate and customised to your budget. For more details on the benefits a fitted wardrobe can bring to your room please continue reading.

Stylish Fitted Wardrobe

5 Benefits of a Fitted Wardrobe:

Efficient use of space 

A fitted wardrobe utilises and optimises the available space that you have in the room. A fitted wardrobe is precisely measured and fitted perfectly into available space; unlike free-standing wardrobes, a fitted wardrobe perfectly fits from edge to edge with no wasted gaps either side. Therefore, this creates extra storage space within the room removing the worry and stress of purchasing a free-standing wardrobe that doesn’t fit or isn’t practical for the room.

Customisable fitted wardrobe

One of the biggest advantages when purchasing a fitted wardrobe is the customisable options available to you. Every fitted wardrobe is design and built to tailor your specific needs and requirements. Whether it is adding a shoe rack or extra shelves for storage or choosing from a variety of different combinations of panel finishes to create your dream fitted wardrobe.

Easy Maintenance

As a fitted wardrobe is designed to fit available space from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, cleaning and maintaining the quality of a fitted wardrobe is much easier than a standard free standing wardrobe. A fitted wardrobe eliminates having to reach into high place above the wardrobe to clean or dust making it much easier to maintain.

Organised storage

As a fitted wardrobe is tailored for your applications and specific needs it can be designed to create extra storage to organise and tidy all your items so that everything has a place and there is less clutter around the home.

Future investment

Purchasing a fitted wardrobe will not only create a bespoke storage space created for your specific needs, but it is also a good long term investment. Apart from generally helping day to day life with the extra storage, a durable and reliable fitted wardrobe within your home will increase the price of your home if you decide to move later.