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Selecting The Right Kitchen Doors For Your Kitchen

bespoke kitchen doors

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to selecting a new kitchen door. As your doors are central to the look of your kitchen, this is where you should spend a little bit longer thinking about your decision as well spending a little bit more to ensure you get the style you want.

Many kitchen companies sell replacement doors as well as fully fitted kitchens, however if you are after a certain style throughout your kitchen, we recommend having a complete new kitchen fitted, so your new kitchen doors match the rest of your kitchen.

Which kitchen doors are the best?

One example of a kitchen door is the Maine door. It is available in nine modern colours allowing you to achieve a quality and stylish kitchen. Maine kitchen doors are also available in grained finishes. This is a good option is you want to create the look of a painted kitchen without the cost of a wooden door.

Another example of a kitchen door is a Hartford door. It is a foil wrapped door however it comes with a subtle wood graining and a hand painting finish that we believe you would struggle to tell apart from solid oak. This will give a great look to a traditional kitchen.

Lucido is another type of kitchen door. This is not a vinyl wrapped door like you would expect from the price range of this door, instead it is a high quality painted door. There are many styling options with this range of kitchen doors and they also are available at a very affordable price.

Ultimo Vetro is another kitchen door. It is a very stylish acrylic door and is available with either a plain or 3D glazed effect edging. Ultima Vetro’s finish as well as appearance is very much the cutting edge of the design.

Our choice of kitchen door

All of these kitchen doors are available to be fitted as replacement doors or as part as your new fully fitted kitchen.

However we believe that the best kitchen door out there is the 1909 kitchen door. This is because 1909 has a solid wood construction, hand painted finish and exquisite in-frame door detailing. With 4 door styles, 31 colours and lots of finishing details available there’s a 1909 kitchen to suit everyone and every home. The best thing about the 1909 kitchen doors is that they are entirely bespoke and a hand made kitchen. The sheer number of door styles and colours, allow you to create a kitchen that is totally unique and bespoke to you.