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Alcohol rehabilitation centers

Recognising alcoholism

Alcoholism is characterised by a strong, uncontrollable desire for alcohol. The more an individual drinks, the more their body adapts to the effects of alcohol and therefore must drink more to be able to notice/ feel the effects. This is often described as tolerance. Tolerance leads to physical dependence on a substance and further leads to alcohol addiction.

Effects of Alcohol Misuse

Effects of an alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction can affect an individual in many ways, both mentally and physically as well as financially. It not only affects the individual but others close to them such as family, friends and work colleagues etc.

There are many health risks which are associated with the misuse of alcohol. These include:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Liver disease.
  • Cancer including liver cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer.

Why seek rehabilitation for alcohol misuse?

Alcohol misuse is often stemmed by a matter or something caused in the person’s life which has never been dealt with or addressed and drinking offers them an escape from it.

Alcohol rehab centres give someone struggling with alcoholism the chance to address any issues which are influencing them to drink alcohol excessively. As well as this, it puts them in a safe environment with others who are experiencing the same or similar situation. Experienced professionals will also be present so that they can speak to them and express their feelings with them also.

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